Sustainability Initiatives

Environment Management

The Company is committed towards preservation of environment in and around surrounding regions of the power plants. To look after the environment related activities, the Company has form Environment Cell at corporate office and also at all thermal power stations. As a part of corporate responsibility towards environment preservation, the Company is committed for implementation of various statutory requirements.

For the control of various sources of pollution generated from the power plant the Company has installed pollution control systems since commissioning of the power plants. High efficiency Electro Static Precipitators are provided for control of particulate matter (PM) generated due to burning of coal in boiler in all the power generating units.

Greenbelt is designed properly around the emission source, serving thereby a second line of pollution control. The trees having dense spreading canopy are selected among the locally known indigenous varieties for sufficient width. A massive plantation work has been done in the premises of power stations and residential colony. Plantation is also carried out on abandoned ash dyke area to prevent fugitive dust emission.

Status of Environment Clearance of Projects

Wanakbori Unit - 8

Bhavnagar Lignite TPS


Compliance to Environment Clearances