Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) came into being on separation of the erstwhile Mumbai State in the 1960s. The GEB until 2005 was responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy in the whole state of Gujarat.

In support of Governments endeavour for bringing sense of responsibility and responsiveness to the public, the GEB was unbundled, wherein power generation capacity was entrusted to Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL).

With the modest capacity of 315 MW in 1960, GSECL now has 5541 MW power capacity comprising coal, gas, lignite, hydro ,wind power,and solar.

Per capita consumption of electrical energy in the state in 2017-18 was at 2007 units.

In its endeavour for supporting Clean Climatic Initiatives, GSECL has always remained on fore-front. For sustainable ecology, gas is the most viable solution in the available scenario. GSECL has more than 700 MW of Gas Based Power generation capacity. In addition to Gas Based Power Plants, GSECL has also installed wind farm and also commissioned solar based Power Plant. In order to ensure compliance with the environmental issues, follow-up actions for energy conservation through energy audit is done.

Enhancing existing available capacity for meeting with ever-growing need, the power stations are regularly maintained and up kept. Renovation and modernization of the old Power Stations, thereby ensuring their sustained operation at efficient levels is always on the agenda.

With its core strength and business acumen, GEB hitherto being a loss making company is now a profit making organization. The profit earned by the GSECL is continually being ploughed back for generation of additional capacity, thereby making Gujarat as the power surplus State. Though GSECL is making profit, the tariff of GSECL is much lower as compared to comparable Power Projects.

Capacity addition is a continuous process. Keeping this in view, GSECL has implemented / is implementing following projects:

A: Capacity Added in 2019

Sr. No. Name of the Project Capacity in MW Fuel COD
1 Wanakbori TPS, Distt. Kheda 800 Coal 13-Oct-2019
2 Solar PV Power Plant at Dhuvaran Thermal Power Station 75 Solar 05-Feb-2019
Total 875

B: Project Under Implementation

Sr. No. Name of the Project Capacity in MW Fuel COD
1 Solar PV Power Plant at Dhuvaran Thermal Power Station Phase-II 75 Solar August, 2020
2 Solar PV Power Plant at Raghaneshda Solar Park 100 Solar September, 2020
Total 875
As part of Clean-Green Energy programme, GSECL has also initiated process for installing solar panels on roof-top at identified locations within GSECL / GUVNL premises.