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Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL) is a power generating company. Approx. 70% of the electricity generates from the various coal based thermal power stations located at Gujarat. One of coal based 800MW, Unit No.8 at Wanakbori TPS of GSECL is in advance stage and it is likely to be commissioned by December-2018.

After commissioning of Unit No. 8 of 800 MW at WTPS, the calculated composite dry fly ash generation may be approx. 3500 MT/day at full load. The same dry fly ash will be evacuated, extracted and collected in the GSECL silo.

To enhance fly ash utilization, GSECL invites online applications from Cement Manufacturing Companies and Others for lifting of composite dry fly ash from Wanakbori TPS Unit No.8 Silo. The applicant has to arrange the required vehicles at their own cost.


Mode of Application:

  1. Interested Cement Manufacturing Company & Others shall apply through online mode by this web portal only.
  2. The company/agency shall have to download dully filled application and print on own letterhead & submit along with duly certified documents to CE (Fuel), Third Floor, Fuel Department, Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd, Vidyut Bhavan, Race Course, Vadodara-390007.


  1. This portal will be open for online application from 20.Sep.2018 to 06.Oct.2018.
  2. The hard copy of application along with dully certified documents shall be acceptable through Speed Post / RPAD only. The application should have to reach on or before date 12.Oct.2018 up to 16:30 hours at above address. The application shall not be accepted after 16:30 hours on date 12.Oct.2018.
  3. Incomplete application is liable to reject.
  4. After scrutinize the received application, the eligible agency will be allocated the quantity and the letter of allotment (LOA) with detail terms & conditions will be issued from Wanakbori TPS for the financial year (April to March) on further renewable basis which will be bound to all eligible agencies.
  5. GSECL is not liable for the availability of dry fly ash allocated quantity as it depends on the power generation of the plant and other factors. However, priority to lift fly ash quantity shall be given to the cement manufacturers (70%) on pro rata & rotation basis and others (30%) also on pro rata & rotation basis as per GSECL's sole discretion.
    • GSECL reserves the discriminative rights to execute the long term agreement upto 10 years with cement manufacturers subject to commit to lift equal quantity of pond ash from the dyke against the commitment to lift dry fly ash quantity from unit no.8 silo of Wanakbori TPS.
  6. GSECL reserves the right to withdraw any permission at any time without assigning any reason.
  7. GSECL reserves the right to make any amendment/ alteration or changes at any time without assigning any reason.
General Terms & Conditions
  1. The vehicles of the ash lifters will be allowed at the location to load the ash on pro-rata basis as per the allotted quantity to avoid any conjunction and traffic in the plant and surrounding premises.
  2. Validity: Yearly Permission (financial year) on renewal basis (i.e. April to March).
  3. Price of fly ash: Prevailing rate Rs. 375/- per MT (exclusive of GST).
  4. Price of pond ash: Prevailing token rate Rs. 10/- per MT (exclusive of GST).
  5. Price is subject to revision irrespective of validity.
  6. Taxes & Duties: All taxes and duties as per the extent rules of Central and State Govt. shall be levied extra.

  7. Payment:

    The amount as per the monthly invoice on the basis of ash lifted during the month is payable within 7 days from the issue date of invoice.

  8. Security Deposit:

    Security Deposit is to be paid within 30 days of the issue date of letter of allotment from CE, WTPS. If party fails to pay the security deposit in a stipulated one month then the given permission would be liable for cancellation after 30 days from the date of issuing letter of allotment.

    • GSECL accepts one month cash security deposit (01 x allotted qty/month x Rate) & balance one month Bank Guarantee (01 x allotted qty/month x Rate).
    • The BG shall be valid for minimum thirteen months or more & shall have to renew before one month of its expiry if the party wish to continue the fly ash lifting permission.
    • The BG is to submit as per prevailing GR of Govt of Gujarat Finance department.
    • The party have to pay SD /BG at Wanakbori TPS only.

  9. Refund of Security Deposit:

    In case the permission is required to be cancelled by either party for any reason whatsoever, the party will have to apply for cancellation of allocation with request to refund their security deposit to Chief Engineer (Fuel), 3rd Floor, Corporate Office, GSECL. The same will be refunded from WTPS after scrutiny and deduction of dues if any in due course.

  10. Collection & Transportation of fly ash:

    Fly ash would be dispensed from SILO in leak proof bousers / closed body trucks/ tankers only in environment friendly manner complying prevailing GPCB and other environmental rules and regulations. Fly ash will be made available on "As is where is" basis on pro rata.

  11. Pollution control:

    To avoid pollution, all measures as per GPCB and other environmental rules and regulations would be taken by the party to the satisfaction of the plant officials & GPCB. While transporting, no spillage of fly ash would be permitted to avoid air pollution. If the process adopted by the party is found deficient, GSECL retains the right to stop the supply forthwith.

  12. Safety:

    The party should be responsible for the safety of its people. The party shall have to provide necessary safety kits to its workers & follow the safety rules strictly.

  13. Working Hours:

    Round the clock vehicles shall be allowed to load fly ash from SILO, Unit No. 8 or as decided by C.E. of the WTPS.

  14. Quality /Quantity:

    No dispute or complaint for quality / quantity will be entertained as quality & quantity of fly ash is beyond the control of GSECL.

  15. Utilization purpose of fly ash:

    Party shall furnish the purpose or the end use of fly ash along with the details of end user which is mandatory for statutory compliance to Government of India and also furnish any information required by GSECL related to ash lifting.

  16. Ash lifting party and its transporter would be entirely responsible towards MVI/ RTO for overloading of fly ash. GSECL will not be liable for the same.

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